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At Law Office of Jami I. Wilenchik, PLLC we are pleased to offer family law assistance, including divorce help for men and women. Many people want to know their divorce rights. We suggest a consultation with one of our attorneys in order to discuss your rights.

A common question of many is whether there are divorce grounds. Arizona is considered a no-fault state, meaning you do not have to allege grounds for the divorce in order to have a divorce granted.

At Law Office of Jami I. Wilenchik, PLLC, we can give you the divorce advice you need to make an informed decision. We know that all aspects of the divorce are important to you and your family. Child Custody, support, parenting time/visitation, spousal maintenance/alimony, asset distribution; all of these issues are critical to you and we can explain how each and every issue affects you.

As Phoenix divorce attorneys, Law Office of Jami I. Wilenchik, PLLC can provide you with experienced legal representation to protect you and your rights. Divorce advice for women and men is available upon request when you schedule a consultation.

Divorce laws differ from state to state, however, assets acquired in states other than Arizona can still be determined by an Arizona court that has proper jurisdiction of the divorce. Our attorneys will explain how this affects you. We are Phoenix divorce lawyers who can assist you in a time of need.

We also can assist you in post-divorce matters. It is not uncommon after the divorce to need legal representation and help to modify child custody, parenting time, or support. We have experience in these matters and more.

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