Parent Education Classes

In 1996, for Parent Education Classes, the Arizona State Legislature established a Domestic Relations Education on Children’s Issues Program. The program is referred to as either the "parent education program" or "parent information program."

The programs are meant to offer education to parents about the impact that divorce, the restructuring of families and judicial involvement have on the children involved in a family law matter. The Arizona Supreme Court sets the minimum standards for these programs.

All parents who have a child in common who is less than eighteen (18) years of age are required to complete the program when they are involved in a court case for divorce or legal separation. Also, unmarried parents who are involved in a court case to establish paternity or maternity must also complete the program if the court is going to decide custody, parenting time or child support.

The parents of minor children may also be ordered to attend the program if, after determining paternity or obtaining a divorce or a legal separation, disputes regarding custody, parenting time or child support are at issue before the court.

If a parent fails to attend the program when ordered may be refused any specific request for court action, or may be held in contempt of court. The program normally lasts three to four hours and a fee is charged to the parent.

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