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Glossary Of Litigation Terms

Affidavit A written declaration of facts that is confirmed under oath.

Answer A pleading that responds to a complaint.

Appeal A proceeding made to a higher court to review the decision of a lower court.

Arbitration A proceeding where parties to a lawsuit present their respective positions and evidence to a neutral third party (arbitrator), who issues an award in favor of one party. Binding arbitration means the award is final.

Complaint A pleading that initiates a civil lawsuit.

Damages Compensation paid to the successful individual or company in a lawsuit.

Defendant A person against whom a lawsuit is filed.

Discovery The process by which a party to a lawsuit must disclose documents or information that he/she has that is relevant to a case.

Ex Parte An application or request made by a party where notice is not given to the other party.

Garnishment A proceeding where a creditor can obtain payment on a judgment by seizing funds that are in the possession of a third party that are owed to the debtor.

Hearsay A statement made by a witness who did not see or hear an incident but instead heard about the incident from another.

Perjury A criminal offense where a witness makes a false statement under oath.

Plaintiff A person who files a lawsuit against another.

Subpoena A legal pleading requiring a non-party to the lawsuit to provide evidence or to appear in court.

Venue The location of the court where the civil action is filed. For example, Maricopa County Superior Court.

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