Parental Rights Termination

Parental Rights Termination is the process by which the Court removes the parenting rights of a biological parent of a child. Under Arizona Law you must meet certain grounds to terminate a parents rights including but not limited to abandonment for six months or more, abuse or neglect of a child, inability to care for a child for mental or physical reasons, imprisonment for a significant period of time, or consent by a parent. A termination action is filed in the Arizona Juvenile Court and can be initiated by any person or agency holding a legitmate interest in the health or welfare of a minor child. Where a biological parent has consented to a termination or where the biological parent fails to appear at an initial termination hearing, a termination may be granted at the initial hearing. The typical case this firm handles for termination of parental rights is where a step-parent wishes to adopt the biological child of his/her spouse.

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