INCORPORATION CHECKLIST The following information is needed by your attorney in order to prepare the paperwork necessary to incorporate.

1. Initial Contact Information. Provide contact information for each person or entity that is an organizer or initial shareholder for the new corporation. This information should include names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and web sites.

2. Contact Information For The Corporation. Provide contact information for the new corporation, if known, including the business address, telephone and fax numbers, email address and web site.

3. Authorized Communications. To avoid any confusion, your lawyer (and accountant) should be aware who is authorized to communicate with him or her on behalf of the new corporation. Provide the contact information for that individual.

4. Articles Of Incorporation and Bylaws. The initial documents for the new corporation will be the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws. The following information is needed to prepare these documents.

Corporate Name:

Business Purpose of the Corporation (the initial type of business to be engaged in by the corporation):

Authorized Capital Stock/Par Value:

Number of Common Shares:

Number of Directors:

Names & Addresses of Initial Board of Directors:

Statutory Agent & Address:

Name(s) and Address(es) of the Incorporators:

Date and time of Annual Meeting:

Fiscal Year:

5. Organizational Minutes. The organizational meeting is the initial meeting after incorporation where certain actions are taken. The following information is needed to prepare these minutes.

Date of the Organizational Meeting:

Compensation to be Paid the Officers (if any):

Compensation to be Paid the Directors (if any):

Names of Initial Officers:

Bank in Which Corporation Will Open Initial Account(s):

Authorized Persons to Sign on Bank Accounts:

Subchapter S Election (yes or no):

[This election can be beneficial for start-up losses. Requirements in order to make a S election include: must be a domestic corporation, maximum of 75 shareholders (who must be individuals who are citizens or residents of the U.S., estates and certain trusts and charities and cannot be regular ā€œCā€ corporations or partnerships), only one class of stock outstanding, and December 31 must be the fiscal year end unless there is a valid business purpose for some other year end.] Identify person responsible for filing proper IRS form to make S election. All shareholders and spouses must provide social security numbers on the S election form.

Stock Consideration: [If shareholders are purchasing stock for other than cash, the directors should state the equivalent cash value.]

Issuance of Stock: [Name of each shareholder, number of shares, purchase price received.]

Qualified to do Business in Other States:

Application for Various State and Federal Licenses and Registrations:

Federal Employer I.D. Number to be obtained by attorney, accountant or officer of corporation.

City Business License and Other Licenses (as required) to be filed by:

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