Divorce with Children or Child (Minor)

In order for us to properly prepare your divorce forms, we need the following detailed information to be supplied. All of the information sought is necessary in order to prepare the initial forms necessary to file for divorce in Maricopa County.

Information such as your social security number is not set forth in the documents that are available for public access, however, such information is included on what is called a “Sensitive Data Sheet” that is filed with the Clerk of the Court but not available to be viewed by the public.

Divorce Kit Preparation - with Minor Child or Children

First Name*
Last Name*
E-mail Address*
Street Address*
Zip/Postal Code*
Home Phone*
Business Phone*
Date of Birth (mmddyyyy)*
Social Security Number*
Job Title or Occupation*
Employer's Name and Address*
Have you or your spouse lived in Arizona (or been stationed in Arizona while a member of the Armed Services) for at least 90 days before you intend to file the divorce action? [This is a requirement of filing for divorce in Arizona.]: *
Date of Marriage (mmddyyyy)*
Place of Marriage (city and State)*
Do you have a covenant marriage: [A covenant marriage means that at the time you were married to your spouse, you and your spouse signed an affidavit where you both declared that your marriage was a covenant marriage for life. Arizona law requires certain facts in order to obtain a divorce from a covenant marriage.]*
Spouse's Full Name*
Spouse's Date of Birth (mmddyyyy)*
Spouse's Social Security Number (if known)*
Spouse's Current Street Address*
Spouse's Current City*
Spouse's Current State*
Spouse's Current Zip Code/Postal Code*
Spouse's Current Daytime Phone Number*
Spouse's email address*
Spouse's Job Title or Occupation*
Spouse's Current Employer's Name and Address*
Spouse's Employer's Phone Number*
List the name, date of birth, and social security number of each child who is a common child of yourself and your spouse*
List the name and address at which each child is currently living, and the length of time that each child has been living at that address*
Are you or your spouse currently pregnant? *
If the answer is “yes”, are you and your spouse are the natural parents of that unborn child.
If yes, enter the due date (mmddyyyy)
If you intend to ask for joint custody of the children, there must have been no significant domestic violence in your marriage. Has significant domestic violence occurred during your marriage?*
Do you and your spouse have a signed agreement concerning the custody and parenting time (visitation) for the children?*
Who do you want the Court to order be held responsible for providing medical insurance for the children?*
My Spouse
Do you want the Court to order dental and/or vision insurance be provided for the children as well?*

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