Arizona LLC Filing Requirements

Filing Requirements For An Arizona Limited Liability Company

1. Make certain the chosen name is available by checking the name on the Arizona Corporation Commission website.

2. The name must include the proper ending, which is “limited liability company”, “limited company”, “L.L.C.”, “LLC”, “L.C.”, or “LC”.

3. The original Articles of Organization must be filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission.

4. You must identify a statutory agent for the company. The address for the statutory agent must be a physical address (not a PO Box), and the statutory agent must be an Arizona resident, an Arizona corporation or limited liability company, or a foreign corporation or limited liability company that is authorized by law to transact business within Arizona.

5. A filing fee of $50 must be paid. You can expedite the filing processing time by paying an additional $35.00 fee.

6. Within 60 days of the filing, you must publish a copy of the Articles of Organization in a newspaper of general circulation within the county in which you have your known place of business.

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